Calm Down Everyone, There Was no ‘Blue Wave’ in Kentucky and the Governors Race Wasn’t a ‘Stunning Upset’…Here’s Why

If you listen to the fake news media, you’d think the Kentucky governor’s race was the be-all/end-all in politics.

I have actually seen liberal buffoons online celebrating, claiming this was a “message” for Trump of what’s to come in 2020. 😂

That line of thinking is just political ignorance at it’s best.

Trust me when I say this…The Kentucky governor’s race doesn’t matter and here’s why…

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Governor Mark Bevin was voted the most “unpopular” governor in the United States. Seriously…’THE WORST’

A new list of rankings from a high-profile polling organization is giving a big red thumbs down to Gov. Matt Bevin.

Kentucky’s governor is the least popular in the nation among voters in their own state, according to Morning Consult’s Q2 rankings, with a 56% disapproval rating to just 32% who approve.

Bevin notably has ground to make up among voters in his own party, with an election looming in November. The governor faces a 40% disapproval rating among fellow Republicans in Kentucky, a number that comes after a May primary election where GOP challenger Robert Goforth, a state representative, scored 39% of the in-party vote to Bevin’s 52%.

His net approval among Kentucky voters, according to the Morning Consult poll, sits at -24 overall, which breaks down to +11 among Republicans, -63 among Democrats and -26 among Independents. [Courier Journal]

The people of Kentucky just don’t like him. Not one bit.

So, it’s no shock that Bevin got the boot. He was challenged by a Democrat who ran as a very sane moderate human being. He minded his manners and he didn’t talk about impeachment.

Let me give you an example of what happened in Kentucky that will put everything into perspective.

Imagine if you lived in a state that was governed by someone who was as hated as Mitt Romney…Everyone in the state can’t stand him and wants to get rid of him. And then suddenly, a candidate like Joe Manchin comes along. He’s affable, doesn’t behave like a kook, never talks negatively about Trump. Would you take out Mitt Romeny and give “Joe Manchin” a shot?

Sure you would, and that’s what happened in Kentucky.

Of course, there were other dynamics at play, but that’s a pretty good general overview of the situation.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article from the New York Times:

Under normal circumstances, the Kentucky governor’s race would be all but over except for the concession phone call. The incumbent running for re-election this year is a conservative Republican in a state that has recently become as red as hot coal, where unemployment is as low as it has been in nearly two decades and most of the voters are still crazy about the governor’s ally, President Trump.


“This is not a normal governor’s race,” said Paul Patton, a former Democratic governor, sitting in his memento-filled office at the University of Pikeville. “We’ve got an abnormal governor.”

There are reasons that Matt Bevin, a millionaire businessman who stomped into Kentucky politics from the right, is by some polls the least popular governor in the United States. His proposed cuts to government services have been steep and his plans to tackle the state’s long underfunded pension program have been seen by many as a betrayal. But the main issue with Mr. Bevin, acknowledged even by his supporters, is not what he has done but how he has done it.

He has tangled with journalists, union representatives and Democrats, but he has been startlingly harsh on less typical targets — like public school teachers. After thousands of educators walked out last year in protest of budget cuts and proposed changes to teacher pensions, Mr. Bevin accused some who picketed a state senator’s business of having a “thug mentality” and called others “selfish” and “ignorant.” [New York Times]

Here are some tweets that explain the situation as well:

“People saying a Bevin loss is a huge rebuke/middle finger to Trump from KY voters are missing the mark. Bevin is hugely unpopular; Trump will still win KY by 25+ points in 2020. It’s purely a rebuke of Bevin, and saying otherwise is a desperate attempt to mislead people.”

“No, he’s actually not. Love all the national talking heads, most of whom have never set foot in KY, acting like they know. Bevin was uniquely unpopular. He still BARELY lost. & every other R on ballot won. KY will still vote heavily for Trump & will re-elect Mitch. Mark it.”

“1) The hot takes on are certainly something. Here’s my unprofessional opinion: Maybe it’s just not about Trump. Maybe it’s the fact that was wildly unpopular or the fact that he threatened teachers, who will vote for AOC just to protect their pensions.”

Belvin was extremely unpopular in Kentucky, so it’s no surprise that he lost. Despite the #GOP losing the Governorship in Kentucky, their candidates for secretary of state, state auditor, attorney general, commissioner of agriculture, and treasurer all won #notreallyabluewave

Bottom line: Mark Bevin was the most disliked governor in the country…His seat flipping “red” is not a shock and it’s certainly not a “message” to Trump or anyone else in 2020, and anyone who thinks it is doesn’t understand politics.

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