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Rubio Gives Awesome Reason Why DACA Shouldn’t Be Attached To Border Security Funding

Sen. Marco Rubio nailed it when he said that DACA shouldn’t be part of this wall deal.

I understand President Trump tried to offer an amnesty deal for DACA with Democrats in 2018 for wall funding and they said no. That’s on them, I wouldn’t do it again.

Most of us look at the wall as a security blanket for our nation. If someone comes into my home without my permission or invitation, this is against law. So when people come to our country illegally this is lawbreaking.

There should not be an argument of who wants what, or who is right or wrong, that should never be apart of the equation, but it keeps going back to it. Rubio is correct that DACA shouldn’t be part of this deal.

The one thing we should all agree on is that every country in the world has a system by which they monitor or control who comes in, when they come in and how they come in. And the United States should be no different. Every other nation on earth does that. Mexico does it. Guatemala does it. Canada does it. And America should do it.

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We have a problem on the southern border of not just people being trafficked, of drugs – almost all this heroine that’s finding itself in the streets; the fentanyl that’s being shipped in from China – a lot of that is coming across that border. So even if we didn’t have an immigration problem, you have a rationale for limiting how people can come in and what can come in through that border.

There are lots of things that should be done on their own merits without having to compromise or give something to the Democrats in trade.

The wall should be a stand-alone bill. The full 25 billion requested by Pres. Trump. If we can’t get money to take care of America first then we have no business sending billions to Mexico or Latin American countries.

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