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March For Our Lives Kid Protesters Have No Idea What An Assault Weapon Is

Nothing like getting out there and protesting stuff you know NOTHING about, right?

Campus Reform was out in the crowd madness on Saturday asking the protesters whether or not do they know what an assault weapon is and each of them failed.

These kids do not know the Constitution, no knowledge of firearms, no experience of the rule of law. Nothing, nada. It seems like, well, they’re just out there to make nonsensical noise. That, they’re doing an excellent job of.

How about coming up with a reasonable argument or even a shred of proof to justify your ridiculous, fascist ideas about ripping away people’s god given right to preserve the rights and lives of themselves, their families and communities? Right now you’re just picking the most ridiculous and ignorant children in this forum to support and partner up with. It’s not a good crowd you’re trying to hang with, which says a lot about your moral and intellectual positions.

It isn’t about gun control at all. It never was. It was a voter registration and organizing effort. Just like the women’s march, black lives matter, operation wall street and all of their other movements.

Wow! They are literally repeating whatever they hear through the media without giving it a second thought. I would be interested to know how many people the interviewer had to ask to put that clip together. It would be terrible if it were 50, but if it was 1,000, not a big deal.

This is what happened when we live in ideological bubbles and don’t search things for ourselves. The left makes up terms all the time that are deceitful and specifically designed confuse and incite fear.

Why would we be inviting traumatized children, most of whom are completely ignorant about guns, to dictate national gun policy that will affect the constitutional rights of millions of law-abiding citizens? These snowflakes, transported by rich leftists to their precious protests, handed signs, and scripts, are simply sympathetic tools, useful idiots in fact, of the political left. “Common sense regulations” my ass.

It doesn’t matter what an assault rifle is. Because, for the political left, it’s not about facts or reality or the results of policy. It’s all about good intentions and feelings. If you have proper liberal intentions, then you are virtuous and good. Everybody else is a hater.

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It’s not enough to yell out “we hate assault rifles” and yet haven’t a clue what they are or why the 2nd amendment protects them. Or why they don’t ask the underlying reason why teenagers want to kill their classmates. What is it that compels some teens to commit mass murder? A gun didn’t tell them to do it. It was a tool. A kid could have just as easily used a car to mow down a dozen students.

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