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Man Tells Young Black Voter He Shouldn’t Support Trump Because POTUS Is Racist — Watch This Response

I was checking out my Instagram account (@WayneDupreeShow) and a video popped up in my timeline from @Kingface_f1 where he was confronted by an older white man at Denny’s who told him that he shouldn’t support Pres. Donald Trump.

Kingface_f1 decided to record the dialogue he had with the man to expose the idiocy of those who are not only closed-minded but pushing a racist narrative against Pres. Trump.

The older man gave all the characteristics of being a progressive that thinks one way without any chance of listening to reason. Once he called Kingface_f1 and a***ole, then you can see where the young black man won the argument.

WATCH THIS: (Warning Graphic Language)

The older man was stuck on the kids at the border being separated from their parents, a talking point of the opposition media. This alone shows us just how sick and influential the media has become even though their audience numbers are dwindling.

Do you think the young man had a better argument than the older man? Was he respectful in his delivery to the older gentlemen?


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