Man Steals Mom’s Car, Runs Her Over, Crashes That Car And Grabbed A Ride To A Bar!

I will never from my life understand how a person can hurt their mother and then nonchalantly act as if nothing happened.

Pennsylvania man named John Spencer stole a vehicle from his mother and then backed out over her and another person trying to stop him from leaving. The article doesn’t say if he was under some drug or whether he was intoxicated, but he crashed that car about 10 minutes later.

For those of you who remember old-time television shows, doesn’t Spencer look like John Boy from the Waltons?

Source: Fox News

Spencer reportedly crashed the car less than 10 minutes later. Authorities allege Spencer then asked a group of passers-by — who he happened to know — if they could drive him to a bar nearby.

During the ride, the 23-year-old allegedly said aloud five times, “I think I killed my mom.” He later reportedly said, “I hope my mom isn’t dead, or I’ll be going to jail for a long time.”

Police discovered Spencer walking along a road after getting dropped off at the bar. Spencer, the Review reported, citing an affidavit, apparently asked, “Can you believe I walked away from that crash?”

Spencer reportedly faces a slew of charges, including two counts of felony aggravated assault by vehicle. He was arraigned and ordered to be held at the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Spencer’s mother was being treated at a hospital after the incident, while the injured man was treated and released.

Thank God that his mom survived and hopefully she doesn’t let him off the hook. Or maybe she won’t get that chance. Maybe the police will press charges and have him go through a psychological evaluation because he seemed way off with his questions to the police about the crash.

I love my mom and would never do anything like this, but while I give opinions on stories every day, this man is not alone at wanting to hurt his blood relative.

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