Man Not Happy Jerry Jones Enforces Respecting National Anthem, Confronts Him On Video

The National Football league held their meetings this past week, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was verbally attacked for his position against protesting National Anthem.

The man in the video below was yelling at Jones, as he stalked him because of an earlier choice he gave his team. They are either to stand for the National Anthem or sit on the sidelines and not play.

I don’t think the guy talking has any clue what slavery is. Then again these neo-Marxist believe that Capitalism is slavery. I have no idea how someone can believe that the government should just give all people money for doing nothing and somehow this will lead to utopia.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was confronted Tuesday at the NFL fall owners meeting at the Conrad Hotel in New York City by two individuals who said they were protesting white supremacy and President Donald Trump.

Thank you, Jerry Jones, for standing up for ‘Standing for our Anthem,” and showing the rest of the NFL that enforcing team rules and guidelines still mean something in today’s environment. Somebody has to have the guts. The NFL has become a sideshow about protesting instead of playing Football. There is a time, and a place and the football field is not the place. Its time to get back to basic football and the respect it used to show our country. I wished I was one of those 40 Million dollar slaves.

Slavery? Should this be called football privilege? They work for an employer much like the rest of the country but want special exemptions from doing as they are told while on the job?

The NFL handbook states that you stand for the Anthem and if you don’t you are subject to be fined or suspended. The NFL created this mess by not following their own rules. There was a player in the NBA who converted to Islam who tried to do the same thing and the NBA fined him, and after losing thousands of dollars, he decided to stand with the rest of his teammates. The NFL should have done the same.

Did you hear the man ranting about November 4th? What begins on November 4th? Supposedly an uprising of ANTIFA and other social justice warrior groups.

Probably the last gasp of the truly desperate. They will resort to violence in the hope they get stomped on by the cops, which will be reported sympathetically by willing sycophants in the press, and generate more support from the general population.

Here is the sign the man was holding:

This is really simple. Slavery is, by definition, being forced to perform labor against your will. The NFL is, by definition, at-will employment. Players can retire at any time; likewise, teams can release players any time (except as excluded by specific contract provisions). Hence, not slavery.

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