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He’s Got It! He Just Explained Why 99% Of Men Do Not Approach Women

Notice how the women get quiet when he’s making his point.

I’m afraid in 2019 it’s so much harder to approach women due to the fact they now with all the technology have their faces buried in whatever gadgets they have and the MeToo movement.

With the gadgets, people rarely are making any eye contact now to throw out any sort of signals. As for the MeToo movement situation, men who value their career are afraid it some innocent situation could come back and bite them in the tail.


I think women have a different way of approaching men and you can correct me if I am wrong. Women come close to you, giggle to get your attention, go in the restroom and put on more perfume or purposely touch you slightly. All these are signs that they want you so talking to them first won’t be as hard.

Men these days are too much into their video games and don’t want the agony of being accused of something they didn’t do so understand, there’s a huge miscommunication problem where people aren’t hooking up unless they are friends.

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