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Man Confronts Teacher Over Putting Grandson In Dress For 2nd Day

The man in this video is correct, regardless of his tone. Who gave this teacher permission to put his grandson in a dress?

Anyone that doesn’t see anything wrong with social engineering a child at such a young age to meet whatever sick morphed up idea of what you think the men should be like, you have a problem.

You can clearly see in the video below how this teacher didn’t even want to talk to him and was practically trying to push him away to someone else? When you see white leftists (and leftists in general — especially females) talking about fighting “toxic masculinity,” this is what they mean.

Why do you think there were so many movies in the 90s and early 2000s where straight black men were dressed as women in their roles? Hollywood tried to sell it to the youth (of all races) as “cool” back then by emasculating the black actors that they look up to.

But now they’re arrogantly upfront and aggressive with it. A 150 years ago, leftists were the ones running the plantations. Now they run the media, government, and Hollywood and trying to control the natural thought process.

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