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Man Busted After Driving Through Milwaukee Taking Drug Sales On Facebook LIVE!

You would think someone would have informed this man how drugs impair judgment and are not suitable for anyone.

Not that he would have listened in the first place, but you have to be a bold, disrespectful human being to jump on Facebook LIVE and drive through your city streets searching for clients.

Jeff Kirk broadcasted how he was taking drug sales, and Facebook gave him the platform for about 40 minutes. Let me also add; he was selling marijuana while carrying firearms.

Source: WBAL TV

Police said Jeff Kirk used his car as his office, and his cellphone as a transmitter, to broadcast his drug dealing. According to a criminal complaint, last month, Kirk broadcast a 40-minute feed as he drove around town selling marijuana while armed with a semi-automatic rifle and handgun.

“When I saw these guys come out, I said, ‘Whoa, am I watching a TV program here or what?” a neighbor said.

The neighbor said he was outside raking when a heavily armed crew of ATF and FBI agents, and Milwaukee police officers, shut down his street.

“They were serious. They had serious firepower there. An M16 will pulverize your flesh,” the neighbor said.

Police arrested Kirk at his girlfriend’s house where they said they seized two guns, a bulletproof vest, marijuana and $1,400 cash.

At Kirk’s house, relatives defended him.

“Were they running drugs out of this house?” WISN reporter Colleen Henry asked. “No running drugs out the house, no. It’s called harassment,” one relative said.

Kirk is now is the Milwaukee County Jail facing eight felonies.

So the family tried to defend his actions? What type of world are we living in again? This nation has gone unchecked for so long; right is wrong and wrong is right. I know you have seen it on a regular basis and it just blows my tea kettle fuse, watching it play out.

If I had the money, I would have tried to fix things as much as I can. These millionaires and billionaires feel it’s not their duty to at least show the world how putting necessary resources in the right places could heal a lot of broken hearts and weary minds.

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