Man Leaves 5-Month-Old Baby In Woods — Because It Was Too Heavy To Carry

You won’t believe this! A man told the police he left a 5-month-old baby in the woods because it was too heavy.

His name is Francis Carlton Crowley, 32,  and everyone needs to know this criminal. He’s being charged with assault on a minor and criminal endangerment. He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday in Missoula, but hopefully, the inmates find out about him before he stands before the judge.

When the officers found Crowley, they said he was disoriented threatening to fire a gun creating a major disturbance. They later learned that he had “buried” a baby in the woods earlier that day because it was too heavy to carry after a car crash.

Six hours into the search for the infant, a deputy heard a faint cry and rushed to save the child.

Source: CBS Baltimore

A man told investigators he left a 5-month-old baby boy in the woods after a weekend car crash because the baby was very heavy, court records said.

Officers found the baby — cold and hungry — under a pile of debris and sticks early Sunday, several hours after the crash.

Deputies were called to Lolo Hot Springs at 8 p.m. Saturday because Crowley was creating a disturbance and threatening to fire a gun, Missoula County prosecutors said. Officers learned he and the baby had been in a crash earlier that day.

Crowley was disoriented, likely because of drug use, and unable to help officers find the baby or say how long ago the crash had occurred, charging documents said.

“Officers continued to search in the various areas where the defendant stated the baby was located, but they had difficulty given the defendant’s numerous inconsistent statements about the baby’s whereabouts,” court records said. Crowley variously said the baby was lying on the side of the road or had died and was buried in the woods.

I hope they give him every bit of hell he is supposed to get while he is locked up. An animal like that shouldn’t even be on the street. If they do let him go later, I hope his photo is on every post office wall, and local TV stations do reports on him, so people will know who he is.

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