VIDEO: Three Teens Killed As Suspect Intentionally Slams His Car Into Their Car During “Ding-Dong-Ditch”‘ Prank

On Sunday night, three teenagers identified as Drake Ruiz, Daniel Hawkins and Jacob Ivascu, all 16 years old were killed in an automobile accident as the suspect intentionally used his vehicle as a weapon to attack their vehicle.

Police authorities claim Anurag Chandra, 42, intentionally rammed his white Infiniti into the victims’ Toyota Prius and caused it to veer off the road into a tree, killing three teens and injuring three more.

It seems the kids had played the “ding-dong-ditch” prank game on Chandra who left his house, got in his car and ran down the kids on purpose. According to Ruiz’s mother, the kids were on their way to a sleepover when the incident occurred.

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Ruiz’s mother told reporters Monday night the teens, who were on their way to a sleepover to celebrate Ivascu’s birthday, tried to play a “ding-dong-ditch”‘ prank — ringing a doorbell and quickly driving away — at a friend’s home, but Chandra answered the door, got into his Infiniti and chased the teens.

“The boys were playing ding-dong-ditch at a house they thought was … somebody their age, but it turned out to be that angry man,” Debbie Ruiz said.

“They were scared to death, tried to get away several times,” she said. He rammed them, ran them off the road.”

Chandra was arrested a short time later in a neighborhood near the crash site after the California Highway Patrol said a witness followed the suspect and helped authorities locate the vehicle. [ABC 13]

This is horrible. Birthday boy died, and the victims were brothers to surviving victims. So one brother from each family? That’s gotta be really tough. I can’t believe what the family and friends are going through. They were so young and now some will have to live with the guilt, and loss of a friend and brother.

Curious as to what circumstances led to setting off the homeowner enough to get in his car and chase. Teenagers playing an immature game doesn’t warrant them being driven off the road.

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Teens can be cruel and are empowered in groups but this is likely the consequence of a poor decision earlier in the change of events. They didn’t deserve to die for it but as others have noted sometimes you pick the wrong person someone who might already be having a bad day.

I feel sorry for their loss and the pain of their parents and family.

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse but the suspect’s name indicates he’s from another country and culture. The state will probably give him some probation and community service. That will help him to assimilate. California would not want to be mean to immigrants.

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