Making An Impact! SuperPAC for Black Conservatives On Ground for Cassidy in Louisiana before Run Off Election

These workers are about business when it comes to talking to the Louisiana Black community, it’s serious! The Black Conservatives Fund SuperPAC is the ONLY organization in the country going after black votes in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate runoff. We need help though. Here’s some pictures from one of their teams over the week:

Earlier this month, Mary Landrieu said the following

“It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader,” she said, before adding that the South has not always been friendly to women either.

This sent title waves through America and empowered the Black Conservatives Fund to travel to Louisiana to help Senate Candidate Bill Cassidy defeat Landrieu and her backwards thinking.


Landrieu is a desperate congresswoman at this time. Uneducated people don’t realize that states like Tennessee and Louisiana were deep Blue states going into the depression, Louisiana even voted for a Democrat president TWICE during the 80s/90s.

Not to mention Bobby Jindal is a minority that was elected to Governor. Race-baiters like Landrieu are a big reason families like ours are switching our votes from Democrat to Republican (permanently). She just shot herself in the foot with A LOT of white people.


The Black Conservatives Fund is doing their job on the ground and need your help and donations to keep moving forward.


h/t Black Conservatives Fund

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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