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Mexican-American Businesswoman Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat!

Paloma Zuniga is a Trump supporter who runs a Facebook page called Paloma for Trump. She loves the Commander-in-chief and wants to help make America great again.

Have you ever notice that Democrats are always talking about being the party of tolerance and inclusion yet they are the first to attack a Republican wearing a MAGA hat instead of practicing what they preach and tolerate and respect somebody’s first amendment right to wear that hat?

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By the way, it’s perfectly legal to record anybody in a public area. Just because the person in the video (below) doesn’t like being recorded doesn’t mean it’s illegal to do so as long as it takes place in a public area.

On Friday, Paloma Zuniga, a Mexican-American businesswoman was mailing a package at a post office in San Diego, Calif. when, according to her, a woman ahead of her in line said, “You should be ashamed of yourself for wearing that hat, you stupid b****.”

Zuniga says she ignored the woman but switched on her camera. “As a Trump supporter, I deal with this kind of stuff a lot,” Zuniga tells Yahoo Lifestyle. The “political influencer” of the Facebook account Paloma for Trump, has admired the president since 2007, especially his position on immigration and “the voice and courage he gives to Americans.”

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On Zuniga’s recording, the woman says, “Don’t talk to me and don’t record me.” The video gets shaky, which Zuniga says occurred because the woman struck her phone and grabbed her wrist. “Don’t touch me!” yells Zuniga. “You have no reason to harass me because of my hat.” [Yahoo Lifestyle]

You have to love liberals. When Obama was in office playing his games the liberals just loved him. It never occurred to me give an Obama supporter a hard time because he sported a bumper sticker on his car, or having a conversation with someone about all the great things that Obama was doing! Now that the tables are turned and the liberals don’t like President Trump they become unglued and attack anyone that supports him.

Incidents such as this are a big reason why we support President Trump. He might not be very diplomatic, but, he calls out these phone “all inclusive” Democrats for what they are.

Not all Dems are intolerant, but, they sure aren’t your daddy’s Democrats. I don’t agree with most Dems policies, but, I don’t confront those with bumper stickers declaring their politics on their vehicles and there are a lot of them with faded ones.

This is America and it’s their choice.




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