[VIDEO] Madonna Almost Tumbles in Her Bathroom While Singing a Bizarre “Quarantine” Song Into a Hairbrush

Why would Madonna do this?

That’s my first question.

Why would she post it online.

That’s my next question.

I’ve realized that “quarantined” celebrities are the worst type of celebrities. These people are such insecure glory hounds that they can’t just be alone by themselves without getting accolades and reassurance.

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Case in point – aging former pop star Madonna, who recently fell and hurt her hip, nearly took a tumble in her bathroom while singing some bizarre song about “fried fish” while under quarantine.

Madonna looks frail and bloated, as she tried to “spin” around and nearly toppled over. She caught herself, but if that spin had been any stronger, Madonna would have been on the floor.

Maybe she should spend her downtime on the couch?

You can watch the video below:

There’s also the fact that these celebs are behaving like bored spoiled teenagers while most of America is on the verge of losing everything and possibly becoming deathly ill in the process.

Maybe these elite Hollywood idiots can give it a rest for a while?

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If not, we’ll be here to mock them.


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