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[VIDEO] India Plays “Macho Man” By the Village People as President Trump Enters the Stadium

Well, one thing is for certain – India really knows how to throw a party!

Not only did over 100K people jam into the world’s largest stadium to hear President Trump speak, but they all wore white #NamasteTrump hats to honor him and they even played “MACHO MAN” by The Village people as he entered the stadium!

Ha, we love it!

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People all over the world understand and respect that President Trump is a strong alpha-leader.

See, people love a big, bold leader. We want our leaders to be strong and fearless. Not these soft, bowing weaklings like failed former President Barack Hussien Obama.

There’s nothing “respectful” about that behavior. It’s pitiful, to be honest.

But President Trump got the entrance he so deserves – one of strength and good cheer!

And one of the best parts is that the footage below comes from CNN! Ha ha ha!

You can watch the video below:

We love to see people all over the world celebrate President Trump like this.

Especially when he’s treated so poorly by emotionally unstable and hateful liberals back home.

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Which makes me wonder – when liberals see this will they call of those Indians “white nationalists” and “racists” for supporting President Trump?

See, folks, there’s so much more of us (the good guys) than there is of them (the bad liberals).


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