Lt Col Says He Would Hit North Korea First And Hit Them Hard If We Have To Fight

Don’t tell me I can’t blame anyone because I can. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama made it possible for Kim Jong Un to develop this weaponry that is now a threat to destroy anywhere his missile lands and that includes the World! Did they, Clinton, Bush and OBAMA have our Nation’s best interest at heart when they made those decisions?

When Clinton gave Kim Jong Un’s father five billion dollars, did he expect them not to enhance their nuclear capabilities?

We cannot allow North Korea to have an array of missiles, an arsenal of nuclear-tipped missiles that can hit the United States. If it comes to that, I would hit them first and hit them hard, knowing that it will be bloody and ugly if we do so.

President Trump and Colonel Mattis should arrange a well defined, surgical strike on North Korea just as President Reagan did in the middle east back in the 80’s. That was just a small taste of what the US is capable of; it worked then, and it would work now.

China must know that it will have to bear the consequences of any misadventure by the North Korean pawn regime. Their expansion in the South China Sea will have to be eliminated as well if North Korea is not restrained. While America may not be the first to strike, it will, unfortunately, have to retaliate, and we can only pray for the North Korean regime, as loss of life on any side can and must be avoided.

Let’s do as the liberals want. Complain about Trump starting a nuclear war and sit back on our hands until North Korea is fully developed and tossing a nuclear warhead at the US. Maybe the liberals can also let everyone know what US city they’re ready to give up first. North Korea can reach Los Angeles or Chicago now. That would only be 10 million American lives. Who cares right? Then we’d have to listen to liberals crying about why Trump let it happen. How quickly they become brain dead.

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Wayne Dupree

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