Lt. Col Allen West Fights For His Facebook Account That Houses 2.7 Million Followers!

You all know Lt. Col (Ret) Allen West. He’s a strong conservative voice that the socialist aren’t happy to hear when he’s around.

West’s social media accounts have been controlled by one of his employees, Michelle Hickford for a while now. His Facebook account has in excess of 2.7 million followers and when we say his, we mean named, “Allen West.”

Hickford’s company, Words-n-Ideas LLC, which was working with West is being sued as she copied someone else’s story onto her his website. He has since separated from Hickford but she won’t give him back the Facebook account.

Source: MRC TV

“I was sitting at home about two weeks ago and I was contacted, that someone that I never heard of, never knew was bringing a defamation lawsuit against me and some other people.”

“So come to find out what happened was the Words-n-Ideas LLC, which is Michele Hickford, that had the rights to the domain, well, she published a story from another person on to that website and I did not know about it – and it ended up being about this individual.”

West says he has since terminated his contract with Words-n-Ideas but they have not turned over control of his Facebook page.

I come to find out, while I’m up here at MRC (Thursday), is that she has rebranded the Facebook book page that was me, my public figure, but still used my name as the verification to do so – instead of surrendering those administrative rights.”

We’ve contacted Facebook about that because another person cannot own your means of communications. Another person cannot own you. So, hopefully, Facebook will do the right thing.”

I’ve seen things like this before and they usually don’t turn out for the owner if they gave the other person control of the page.

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