Multicultural Defenders Of New Orleans Jefferson Monument Fight Back Against Antifa!

If you haven’t been up on current events, monuments that highlight our nations past are being taken down in Louisiana due to political correctness.

According to this flyer, there might be fireworks on Sunday between patriots defending the monuments in New Orleans and Antifa. This has been going on for over a week now and things could come to a head in a few hours.

Americans of all colors are protecting the Jefferson monument from being torn down by thugs and criminals.

Source: The Advocate

The dueling protests at the Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans’ Mid-City had been heated all night. Suddenly, a monument opponent stood inches away from a monument supporter — armed with a long gun and a chest full of magazines — at the base of the statue honoring the Confederacy’s first and only president.

The monument supporter stood stone-faced as the opponent taunted him. Neither man was budging. This was the scene on Monday night during a packed, tense protest and counter-protest over the future of Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

A small group of monument supporters, several of them carrying guns, faced off against hundreds of monument opponents, many of them carrying black-and-red flags. For more than an hour, the two sides shouted and stared at each other.

Here is a Facebook video from the Black Rebel:

Here’s another update:

Here is another Facebook user waking people up to what’s happening and what the Mayor is doing to the citizens trying to protect their heritage:

The police have just given a briefing tonight:

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