Loughlin to Be Released on $1M Bond After Arrest in College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Actress Lori Loughlin appeared in court on Wednesday to answer the charges of participating in a massive college bribery scandal. She paid close to $500,000 to secure college entry for both of her daughters at a prestigious institution.

Loughlin’s husband Mossimo Giannulli was arrested and charged on Tuesday. His bond was set to $1 million. Giannulli put up his house as collateral

The “Fuller House” star appeared in federal court in Los Angeles, wearing a white turtleneck sweater, and we’re told kept her calm in the courtroom while prosecutors laid out the charges against her.

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Just like her husband, Loughlin’s bond was set at $1 million and she was forced to put her home up as collateral. She has travel restrictions but will be allowed to travel to Vancouver for work purposes. However, the judge made it clear she must surrender her passport by December 19, because she’ll be done with her contracted work.

Loughlin is expected to be released Wednesday afternoon after posting bail.

As we reported, Loughlin was arrested by the FBI after traveling back to L.A. from Canada. Her attorney was working overtime to guarantee her “safe passage ”through the airport and avoid an embarrassing public arrest. [excerpt via The Blast]

Money, fame, almost everything a person could dream of possessing and it is still not enough for Hollywood liberals. They schemed to bribe, cheat, and steal hard to enter colleges for their children to insure they were welcomed into “the right schools.” The left knows no bounds and shows 100% lack of class.

They are spending massive amounts of money to send kids to places where they are likely to fail, all while teaching them that illegal activity supplants hard work and diligence to get ahead. They should win Oscars for roles as the worst parents in America.

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Back in the day, we were taught useful information, like mathematics, reading, writing, history, civics, and critical thinking. We were tested or quizzed routinely to determine our retention level, not to mark wrote answers on tests we were taught to.

Today’s lefties don’t want any students to learn “history, civics, and critical thinking.” Those subject make the students less apt to toe the leftie line. Can’t have the little darlings thinking for themselves, can we?

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