Loughlin Receives 2nd Indictment Along With 16 Other Parents For Admissions Bribery Scandal!

Actress Felicity Huffman already pleaded guilty, but 16 parents including Actress Lori Loughlin were just indicted on laundering charges which are added to the 1st indictment.

On Monday, TMZ claimed that Loughlin was offered two years minimum sentence for her role in the college admissions bribery scandal. These 16 parents will be able to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty at their arraignment for this indictment. That doesn’t stop them from pleading early, working out a result with the prosecutor. Thirteen parents including Huffman did just that on Monday.

Not that this is funny, but when Hallmark channel drops you, you are pretty much done.

The parents, including Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, “were charged today in Boston in a second superseding indictment with conspiring to commit fraud and money laundering in connection with a scheme to use bribery to cheat on college entrance exams and to facilitate their children’s admission to selective colleges and universities as purported athletic recruits,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston announced.

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Loughlin and Giannulli, who were among a total of nearly three-dozen parents arrested last month on mail-fraud charges in a criminal complaint, are accused of conspiring with scam mastermid William “Rick” Singer, 58, of Newport Beach, Calif., and others, to bribe college officials and coaches, and to artificially inflate entrance exam scores, in order to get their children admitted to elite colleges and universities.

Prosecutors said the second superseding indictment also charges the defendants with conspiring to launder bribes and other payments in connection with the fraud, by funneling them through Singer’s purported charity and his for-profit corporation, as well as by transferring money into the United States, from outside the country, for the purpose of promoting the fraud scheme. [USA Today]

For Loughlin, this could be a career killer. Her career is based on their wholesome persona. What with losing her Hallmark deals and what seems like other “sweet” woman roles. Prison time could be the end of her. Huffman is different, and the roles she’s taken may have a bit more “edge” to them. They both will have to recover from this though, and that’s not guaranteed.

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As parents, we always want to do everything for our children to succeed. But part of success is learning how to deal with rejection. This scandal is a complete disgrace.

I don’t think any parent will ’empathize’ with them. Most parents want their children to grow up and get into the college that will accept them on merit, not money.

Parents don’t normally commit crimes to get their undeserving children into a ‘good’ college. I don’t know if these parents will go to prison or not, but it would be a good natural consequence of committing a crime.

I believe Loughlin should have pleaded guilty when she had the chance. She and her husband have made their case much more serious and difficult now. The possibility of jail time has increased tenfold.


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