Lou Dobbs delivers powerful rebuke of GOP elites posing as conservatives

I don’t watch Lou Dobbs that much. As a matter of fact, this son of a gun followed me on social media and then unfollowed me [laughing] but then again I am not important enough for him I guess, but I digress.

Listen, this message he gives in this video is not only awesome, but it should also be played every morning, at every GOP function so it reminds American voters why they should be angry and who they should be angry with. Many people have been pushing the “conservative” label, but their actions remain liberal.

“You know Kristol didn’t’ squeal for even a moment about Bush, McCain or Romney, none of them truly conservative in the classic sense. To the larger issue, the Republican establishment doesn’t have much to brag about in the way of accomplishments as they claim to be the arbiters of conservatism. What in the world have they done to advance the Republican brand in recent years?”

Watch this:

They are trying to hijack Donald Trump’s presidential run, and they don’t realize they are hurting themselves in the process.

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Wayne Dupree

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