L’Oreal’s Wants A Male Makeup Line And This Model Wants To Lead The Way

Men today are like women. They don’t stand for anything anymore and will do anything for a check.

Women might like this, but many men will ask ‘What the hell is this about?’

Our culture is so broken. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and according to this L’Oreal male model, he wants to make a difference so that men can wear makeup a lot more frequently but following his example.

L’Oreal has been known as a women’s makeup company, providing many shades to help women find their natural tones for beauty. It seems they have broken new ground with their latest commercial which features a black male model in their makeup advertisement.Again, I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I believe it’s dangerous, but that’s my opinion.

Gary Thompson a.k.a. The Plastic Boy is a makeup blogger. On the Instagram platform, he has upwards of 76K followers who are 75K more than me at present, but I am not jealous. Last year, Gary shot this commercial (below) to introduce himself as someone who is comfortable in his skin to wear foundation, mascara and all that other women facial talk.

Credit: L'Oreal

The only reason why I cringed throughout the video is that it’s not natural to me. I’ve seen fancy boys and metrosexuals, but this is a whole new type of ‘uncomfortable’ and one not likely I will compromise my beliefs to accept.

L’OReal wants to have a “male line” within the next five to seven years,” and using Gary Thompson as the first male to ever be featured in a L’Oreal makeup advert is starting that idea in motion.

This Instagram video below was done on Tuesday and an announcement to the world of L’Oreal’s intention. I think I am supposed to say keep an open mind about this:

Well, my mind is open, and I don’t subscribe to this type of thinking. Men are men and women are women. That’s how I was raised, and that’s what I shall continue to teach my children. This is not natural. The law of life doesn’t correlate to this mess and neither will I. The rapper Ice Tl had strong words a couple of years ago about what society is doing with me.

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I would love to hear your opinion regarding this commercial and L’Oreal’s direction for men. Is it natural to you? Do you care? Is this something you want your young teenage son testing out? SHARE your opinion below in the comment section and add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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