London Police: Van Attack On Muslims Being Treated As Terror Attack

Do you honestly think that the citizens will continue to allow extremists to kill innocent people and not retaliate?

According to Fox News, a 48-year-old male mowed down Muslims at a Finsbury Park Mosque shortly after midnight after Ramadan prayers. Police said eight of the injured were taken to three hospitals and two suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

The suspect was caught blowing a kiss at bystanders as he was hauled off to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

So this is the first retaliation of any kind in Europe, A European white guy attacking Muslims using their own methods, Did the Muslim community really think that this was not going to happen eventually? When Muslims continually kill one specific group of people I would guess that group of people is going to get fed up and seek revenge. According to the London mayor, this is part of everyday life, So with that kind of logic Europe is in deep trouble.

Are people really surprised by this? what I find ironic is the cry about the delay in calling it a terrorist act. ( shoe is on the other foot now) what goes around, comes around folks. This is likely just the first of such incidents to come – people will start seeking retribution. My bet is this man is related to someone hurt in earlier Muslim attacks but we may never hear that part of the story though.

People are sick and tired of the extremists killing innocent people just because they do not believe in “their” God. Would you allow a group of people in your community to just start killing people without retaliation in stopping them? No. If the extremist continues to kill people of different faith where and when does it end? When has the entire population been exterminated expect those who believe in Jihad? Let’s get a little realistic in our thinking and not live in a fairy tale.

What was it that I read recently that an official across the pond said? Something about “terrorism being a fact of life, and we have to learn to live with it” …?

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