“Little Marco” is getting little crowds? 500 attend Florida event scheduled for 5,000

For all intents and purposes, [score]Marco Rubio[/score]’s campaign is over. How do you only get 500 people to attend the large event in your home state when you were looking for an even larger crowd to give good optics to states that are voting tonight.

My mom used to have a word for this, and I’m in a shared with you, this event was pitiful! Rubio is supposed to be in the lead right now in his state, his stomping grounds, and he can’t get any traction.

The establishment might have to look elsewhere just stop the GOP front-runner Donald Trump because Rubio doesn’t have the goods. Honestly, I think that he should get out of the race before the Florida vote. If he does badly, when Florida votes in their primary, his career is done.

Is it worth it Marco?

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From WTSP:

Marco Rubio is in a bind. He’s down in the polls in his home state against Donald Trump, and if he doesn’t win Florida, he could be finished.

10News WTSP is asking tough questions of Rubio about his future.

The Florida senator is putting it all on the line this week.

The crowd inside the Tampa Convention Center was small, but energetic, and it’s that energy that Rubio says is going to push him over the edge to win his home state.

Rubio brought a positive message, taking the high road in his bitter battle with Trump on his home turf.

Before the rally, 10News political reporter Mark Rivera asked about a new Monmouth poll that shows Rubio just 8 points behind Trump in Florida — within shooting distance.

“Like I told you guys earlier, every day that goes by, we’re going to continue to gain votes and gain support as we get closer. But it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I’ve been here before,” Rubio said.

He’s talking about his underdog run against Charlie Crist for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat.

Rubio is down in the polls, had a late start opening campaign offices in Florida, and is turning out a few hundred to his Tampa rally compared to Trump’s nearly 11,000 at his Tampa stop.

Check out the video report here:

Someone needs to grab a hold of Marco’s coat, tapped him on the shoulder, take him out to dinner and tell him face-to-face that it’s over, and he needs to accept the fact and get out of the race to save face. Is about to make a monumental mistake, the likes he may never recover politically wise.

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h/t – WTSP

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