Lines Drawn: Trump Unleashes On Schumer, Obamacare

President-elect Donald Trump likes (D) Sen. Chuck Schumer as an individual but dislikes the way he goes about politics.

Trump has been speaking about repealing and replacing Obamacare since he started the campaign. He doesn’t like seeing Americans forced to take part-time jobs, losing their jobs, lower wages all because Democrats got it wrong in forcing Americans to accept this concoction signed into law by Barack Obama.

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Trump doesn’t feel he should stand by and let Obamacare ruin the lives of hard everyday workers, so he wants to do something about it. Schumer wants to fight to keep it because it was Democrats who pushed for it after turning their backs on Republicans and closing the doors for input.

On Thursday morning, Trump unleashed a series of tweets at Schumer which will no doubt make the media run after them.

Schumer has had 5-6 years to fix it and has done nothing. All this time he and his cronies have been exempt from the program. How can taxpayers accept a program that those who forced it down everyone’s throats that they exempt themselves from?

If the plans are so great why are they exempt from being on the plan? There should be a rule that they have to personally enroll in any healthcare plan they pass. Good enough for us should be good enough for them.

Do you think Trump is trolling the media to eat up the airwaves so Obama can’t have time on TV? Share your comments below.

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