Liddle Marco is going to disappearing Marco when he see latest polls hours before Florida Primary

If these polls remain like up until the voting stations open in Florida tomorrow, this could be the end of Sen. Marco Rubio’s political career.

There were requests for him to drop out before the election, save face and came back another day but his pride wouldn’t let him do that. Now these Monmouth polls are blistering for the junior Senator. They are not good in any way. Rubio might just need Glenn Beck to fast for him too to pull out a victory on Tuesday.

From USAToday:

Donald Trump could be poised to deal the fatal blow to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign Tuesday.

The New York real estate magnate is leading the senator by double digits, 44%-27%, among likely Republican voters in Rubio’s home state of Florida, a new Monmouth University Poll found.

If the vote goes that way in the primary Tuesday, it’s unclear if Rubio will be able to continue. The margin between them had been only 8 percentage points in a Monmouth survey a week ago.

“Florida is do or die for the Rubio campaign, but it looks like victory may have slipped from his grasp,” Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth poll, said.

To add insult to injury, the pollsters found Trump garnering support even from Floridians who approve of the job Rubio is doing in the Senate. Among those who strongly approve of Rubio, 20% are backing Trump, and among those who somewhat approve, 33% support Trump.

“Florida Republicans seem to be saying that Rubio has done a decent job in his current position, but not good enough to earn a promotion,” Murray said.

Do you think Rubio should have dropped out last week and taken care of his political wounds to fight in a few more years? How many of you believe is political career is done? Share your comments below and add this to your facebook/twitter timeline to alert your friends and family about this development.

h/t – USAToday

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