Liberals Mocks Prayer For Trump; Huckabee-Sanders Hits Back!

Why is it ok for liberals to do and say things against Christians publicly and they never say anything about Muslims as they demand respect for religious freedoms.

Democrats fail to realize and understand it’s disrespectful and rude to mock other Americans exercising their Constitutional rights. And it’s not helpful to exaggerate the idea that American children are being brainwashed.

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders addressed a question from the media about President Trump receiving prayer in the Oval Office.

The idea that somebody would only pray when they’re in crisis makes you miss the entire point of what prayer is about. You should do it every day. It would be ridiculous to think that’s the only time you might do that — in a time of crisis.

If this act is so foreign to them, maybe it should happen a lot more. The Trump family is being attacked from all sides, and the media and Democrats are trying to bring him down by any means necessary.

Liberals fail to see the power of the Almighty in all of this. How do they think Trump’ won that seemingly impossible election? Oh, I forgot, it was the Russians. Liberalism operates on cognitive dissonance.

Listen to the audio here:

Be thankful America, for a President who prays and allows others to pray for him. This country was founded by Christian men and women believing that God had led them here, we now have non-believers attempting to destroy the History and traditions of the land. Yes, please pray for President Trump.

People should be careful not to underestimate the power of prayer. We as a country should be praying for our leaders daily. It is ironic when people are in real crisis mode what’s the first thing they do.

CNN should not be given admittance or recognition to any White House briefings’. They have overstepped the lying and propaganda coverage too many times and on purpose. They are nothing but a Hollywood rag gossip line. They do not cover news, so they need to be only recognized as strict commentaries. They don’t need admittance for that.

They make it all up anyway, why would they actually need to be there to quote a source?

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