Liberals Can’t Blame System After Assault On Police Captured By Body Cam

Liberals thought they had a winner by requesting police officers wear body cams to document their actions. They never expected it to work in reverse.

This officer in the video below was probably scared to pull his firearm first because of the backlash law enforcement has received over the past couple of years by liberals who have given a pass to those killing officers as if it were their fault. I’m glad this officer survived this horrific encounter, and I don’t think 35 years in prison

Source: Law Newz

The 14th Circuit Solicitors Office released video Wednesday of the harrowing incident from Jan. 1, 2016. Smith, an officer with the Estill Police Department in South Carolina, responded to a robbery call, authorities said. His body-camera goggles, which he purchased for $30 online, were on.

The officer then confronted the suspect, who was on a cell phone. He repeatedly demanded the man to stop walking or he’ll tase him.

Did the man cooperate? Well, no. His left hand still on the phone, the suspect took out a gun, and fired, striking Smith. Video shows the officer escaping to his patrol car to call for backup.

“My arm is broken, and I’ve been shot in the neck,” he said.

A male witness came to his aid.

“Dispatch, please tell my family I love them,” Smith said in the radio.

But he survived. This officer testified at the trial of 29-year-old Malcolm Antwan Orr, the man arrested for the shooting. According to authorities, Smith called the body-cam goggles “the best $30 he ever spent.”

This is why police tend not to give people a chance to shoot them first and react fast. How many times does an officer have to tell you to take your hands out of your pockets before he reacts?

I would have stunned him after the second time I told him to stop and remove your hands or shoot him. The officer almost died and if he did the guy would have gotten away with it. People that hate the police should never call them for help when something happens so that the police won’t violate the criminals rights.

Where are all the cry babies now? Where is Black Lives Matter? Where is Barack Obama? Where was the fake Reverend Al? All the media is pointing only to a shooting involving white officers? And never when they get shot, only when they shoot.

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