Liberal Video Promotes Media Lie How “Immigrants” Being Targeted For Deportation

Illegal Immigrants who have come to our country and located sanctuary in cities that allow them to stay without citizenship and reap the benefits, therefore, breaking our laws is what liberals are promoting these days.

This video below is being shared by liberals who escape the truth of calling out illegal aliens who are abusing the American system. Americans want immigrants who come to this country and who are willing to become part of the process that builds America into a great nation. As an illegal alien, you have no allegiance to anyone or our laws, so you don’t care who does what or to whom.

Liberals have been pushing the acceptance of illegal aliens and refugees from terrorist hotbed countries that would do our nation harm.

Source: Daily Caller

Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs appears alongside rappers Knaan, Residente, Riz MC  and Snow Tha Product in the six-minute long video that shows shots of immigrants working as farm laborers and in sweat shops, along with clips of people coming through parts of a torn fence.

The title was inspired from a song from the popular Broadway play, “Yorktown.”

The video directed by Tomas Whitmore and executive produced by Miranda comes on the heels of  Miranda’s “Ham4all” contest that encourages people to donate $10 to an immigrants rights coalition and post videos of themselves singing “Hamilton” songs for a chance to win tickets when the show opens in Los Angeles in August.

The song comes out two days after the United States Supreme Court ruled that President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban — that prevents migration from six Muslim majority countries for 90 days and suspends the refugee program for 120 days — can stand.

The video carries a false narrative that needs to be answered by anyone and everyone that shares this video. Immigrants are not being targeted for removal. Liberals should not be allowed to continue to promote this fake news speech.

Will you explain to your social media friends and tell them to explain it to their friends and so on. We can fight this lie, but we all need to do it together.

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