Liberal Teacher Caught Making Serious Anti-Trump Statements; Student Suspended For Recording! [VIDEO]

This 30-year instructor used her personal beliefs and warped convictions to spew hate toward President Donald Trump and conservatives during her classroom session at Orange Coast College.

I listened to both videos, and we hear all the time about how liberals use the modern day classroom to indoctrinate our kids with hate and disdain for conservative values, but we rarely see it on display as you will notice in the videos below.

Olga Cox stood in front of her class and went totally crazy with her “world is coming to an end” monologue. Caleb O’Neil was the student who captured his teacher ranting. His consequence? He was just suspended by the college for recording conversation without consent.

From OC Register:

In a video clip recorded by a student, a psychology instructor at Orange Coast College told her class that the election of Donald Trump was “an act of terrorism” – prompting an official complaint from the school’s Republican Club.

Olga Perez Stable Cox told students in her popular human sexuality class shortly after the election: “We have been assaulted.”

“One of the most frightening things for me, and most people in my life, is that the people who are leading the assault are among us,” said the instructor who is in her 30th year at the college. “It is not some stranger from some other country coming in and attacking our sense of what it means to be an American and the things that we stand for. And that makes it more painful. …

“We are way beyond Republicans and Democrats, and we’re really back to being (in) a civil war – and I don’t mean it in a fighting way, but our nation is divided as clearly as it was in Civil War times,” she told the students. “And my hope is that we will get some good leadership to help us to overcome that.”

The student was suspended for his role in recording the teacher’s act of terrorism/propaganda toward her students. Many of you will say that the student was just in recording what was going on and while that might be partly true, the school will use their guidelines of no cell phones or taping someone when they were unaware as justification for the suspension.

Have you ever? What are your feelings after watching this? Share your opinions below and let me know your reaction.

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