Liberal Snowflake Threatens Trump With Assassination; Hannity Puts Her On BLAST!

Fox News Host Sean Hannity witnessed a major offense against President Donald Trump and put it on Twitter blast Saturday evening.

The name of this Twitter personality is Lorie4040. She has since deleted her tweets after Hannity published them. As of the time of this article, close to 5,000 retweets and over 10,000-plus favorites were documented.

Individuals like this will always claim they are just talking. They will claim they were not serious when the Secret Service visits them at home. There need to be more serious ramifications for this type of rhetoric.

Here are screenshots from Truth Feed:

President Trump has never sounded like this. This is the liberal agenda mindset for snowflakes are don’t know how to act like adults and would rather sit in front of a keyboard typing threats.

More name-calling and an attempt to discredit and shame President Trump from this twitter uses only serves to expose her insecurities about

So much anger and hatred in this person. If the secret service visits her, you would hope they would arrest her and place her in some institution as she seems like a danger to herself.

As I stated, we’ve been hearing how the Secret service pays individuals a visit and talks with them for a few hours. In this case, there needs to be an example made to this Twitter user.

These snowflakes have nowhere else to go these days. They continue with their online hate because they can’t be held accountable for their actions.

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Wayne Dupree

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