Liberal Media Says There’s no Voter Fraud! Two more indicted in Ohio Illegal Voting

Two more people — including a poll worker — were indicted Wednesday for illegal voting in Hamilton County.

A grand jury issued indictments against Timothy Merman of Fairfax and Ellen Duncan of Avondale.

Merman was accused of using, for voting purposes, a closed Fairfax business as his residential address while voting in 2012, said Mary Siegel of the Ohio Voter Integrity Project, a nonprofit focusing on educating people about the election process.

“We suspected he lived in Kentucky,” Siegel said of Merman. Her agency reported its suspicions to the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

Merman also told the Jury Commissioner that he couldn’t serve on juries, Siegel said, because he didn’t live in Hamilton County. Duncan was a poll worker at the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati.

Siegel’s organization believes Duncan voted twice in the 2013 election using an absentee ballot and in person.

“She’s been a poll worker for over 10 years and she said she didn’t understand the rules,” Siegel said.

The Board of Elections uncovered what it said was Duncan’s voting discrepancy. They are the seventh and eighth charged in Hamilton County with illegal voting.

Another poll worker, Melowese Richardson, was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison but released last month after serving eight months behind bars.

The charge against Duncan and Merman carry the presumption of probation but can result in a maximum prison sentence of 18 months.


Wayne Dupree

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