Liberal Media Continues to hide Secret: Crazy Racist Serial Cop Killer Dorner is a Pro-Obama Anti-Gun Democrat

Just Another Smiling Liberal - Crazy Serial Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is a Pro-Obama Anti-Gun DemocratSo, Christopher Dorner, the crazy cop killer who is still on the loose, is an Obama supporting Democrat, who doesn’t believe in the 2nd Amendment, and likes Michelle Obama’s bangs.

Seems that most of the whack-jobs who have killed people on shooting sprees have been liberal Democrats, and Christopher Dorner is no different. This one just happens to be a crazy, racist Democrat.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police launched a massive manhunt Thursday for a former Los Angeles officer suspected of killing a couple over the weekend and opening fire on four officers early Thursday, killing one and critically wounding another, authorities said.

The search for Christopher Dorner, who was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2008 for making false statements, began after he was linked to the weekend killing in which one of the victims was the daughter of a former police captain who had represented him during those disciplinary proceedings.

Remember this guy Dorner is Just Another Smiling Liberal – A Crazy Serial Cop Killerthat is Pro-Obama, Anti-Gun Democrat


Wayne Dupree

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