LIBERAL LUNANCY – One of craziest arguments we shouldn’t even entertain!

I am watching TV, something I usually don’t do and I get a private message on facebook asking me why FoxNews was so negative. Now I was taken aback from the beginning of the conversation so I thought it was a liberal troll and actually he might just be that but he has pushed himself as a conservative a few times and even has some conservative members that are my friends that follow him so go figure.

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I know Mr Reid was generalizing but I get tired of people throwing FoxNews under the bus just because they have another view of the news. If the other alphabet news organizations have decided to love Obama, it’s ok for others not to don’t you think?

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Actually, I didn’t mind this exchange because it didn’t seem too angry but check where it went after that

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If you get into a conversation with someone and they attack just one side, either you stay in that argument and waste your breath or you start to move out. I stood in for a while trying to get my point across but then I found that it wasn’t happening.

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With the above response, now I decide to call him out on his biased. Understand I am still wondering how did I accept this guy on my friend list in the first place. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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I am sure you are watching a template in action in dealing with a liberal who considers himself independent. They usually let you know they are independent while taking a bias stand against one particular argument.

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So at this point, I am beyond finished but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and place the end of the conversation in his corner. As you can see, the juvenile attitude of wanting to continue a discussion to where there is no logical end is what he wants to do. Therefore I decide to start to close this ill-fated meeting down.

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And with this last few entries I am done. I am tired of speaking on a subject with a close minded individual. I am sure you can see what this was totally about after reading it and I am hope I didn’t bore you.

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Wayne Dupree

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