Liberal Daily Kos Wants The Last Debate Cancelled Immediately!

The liberal Daily Kos wants the last debate canceled because they think Donald Trump is going to go crazy hitting Hillary Clinton with the kitchen sink. They want the debate pulled because they think Trump will look rather out of control against Hillary who they want to maintain her dignity. Dignity?

Apparently, Trump is striking some nerves, and they don’t like the fact that he is winning the debates even though the questions have been little about substance. Hopefully, on Fox, we might hear some substantial answers instead of he said she said type questions.

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The more I think about it, the more this will make sense to you: Their problem isn’t with Trump. They’re afraid Fox News Chris Wallace might ask Hillary some questions she doesn’t want to answer. Unlike the first two debates where her pet media lobbed her softballs and beat up her opponent.


From Daily Kos:

Donald Trump’s speech is playing in the background, making very clear, there is nothing to be gained from the third and final presidential debate.

Trump has made very clear his closing pitch—insane conspiracy theory mixed with bizarre attacks on Bill Clinton.

Onstage, he claims that Hillary Clinton operated in secret to “enrich these global financial powers.” And if it’s bad that Bill treated women poorly, how does that make what Trump did well?

He’s demonstrated (along with his running mate) that he has no interest in dealing with “truth” and “reality.” Tallying up his comments in the second debate, he likely said more lies (33!) than truths. You cannot debate a pathological liar. The rules of the contest assume a certain level grasp of reality that is no longer present on the Republican side.

So what would people see in a debate? Clinton trying to retain her dignity next to your worst drunk asshole uncle? That does nothing to serve democracy. In fact, it cheapens it.

People have all the information they need to make their decisions. Pull the debate.

No, Daily Kos, Donald Trump doesn’t drink or take drugs, but Hillary does both, she’s an alleged alcoholic and an alleged cocaine user, she also allegedly has advanced Parkinson’s disease!

I’m hoping to watch her squirm again when he tells her if he is elected she will be in jail. I also want to watch Bill Clinton with his straight ahead deer in headlights look as he wonders if any of his “other” victims are in the audience!

I hope Trump takes complete control and calls a spade a spade. He has nothing to lose. He could be debater and moderator at same time. He is liable to bonkers next week that’s what the media is terrified of. They would have to report on it.

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