Liberal Blogger Repeatedly Targets Conservative National Bloggers Club Arrested; Association asks for Court to lift injunction

Things happen and karma falls on special people (couldn’t think of another word) 100 fold. Roger Shuler has many past sins including being known as a cyber bully in harassing conservative bloggers along with the National Bloggers Club (NBC), a conservative group of up-and-coming journalists. Shuler life took a turn for the worse when he was arrested on a warrant for contempt of court. Shuler admittedly skipped a court case on October 18 and became belligerent with the judge in the Case. The very organization that Shuler has demonized and attacked, the National Bloggers Club has reached into their hearts to ask the judge in the case to lift the preliminary injunction against Shuler.

Ali Akbar, President of the National Bloggers Club released this statement from the NBC yesterday.


October 28, 2013

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Several outlets recently reported on the arrest of former University of Alabama at Birmingham employee Roger Shuler. Shuler runs a hyper-partisan liberal blog called Legal Schnauzer, where wild conspiracies about Republicans and federal judges dominate Shuler’s content.

Authorities arrested Shuler October 23 on a warrant for contempt of court. Robert R. “Rob” Riley, Jr., son of former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, sued Shuler recently for defamation stemming from Shuler’s repeated claims on his blog that Riley engaged in an extramarital affair, procured an abortion for the female involved in the alleged affair, and paid her to keep quiet.

On his blog, Shuler admitted to skipping an October 18 hearing in the case. Shuler also called the judge an “appointed whore” and claimed the “kangaroo court” had no jurisdiction over him. Authorities also charged him with resisting arrest.

In addition to the current defamation lawsuit involving Rob Riley, Shuler is also facing a second pending defamation lawsuit from Jessica Medeiros Garrison, a Birmingham, Ala., attorney Shuler alleges engaged in an extramarital affair with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange. He is also being sued by Liberty Duke, whom Shuler alleges was involved in his claims of the supposed Riley affair.

An attorney for National Bloggers Club President Ali A. Akbar sent Shuler a request for a retraction that may result in a defamation lawsuit. In the October 26 letter from Montgomery, Ala., attorney Baron Coleman, Akbar offered a chance for Shuler to free himself of a third defamation suit by issuing a retraction within ten days or “face swift and certain legal action.”

The legal matter between Akbar and Shuler is not a legal matter of the National Bloggers Club, and Akbar is using personal funds to pursue Shuler.

The National Bloggers Club issued the following statement:

“Defamation is not free speech. Shuler’s harassment has intentionally harmed good and decent people for his partisan agenda.”

“However, it is the position of the Club that even though Shuler has willfully avoided service, refuses to recognize when he was properly served and is posting sealed court documents, that the preliminary injunction placed against him puts too much at risk.”

Shuler is not a member of the National Bloggers Club.

Whether an injunction is proper in defamation cases is an issue gaining an increased amount of attention from those within the legal community and those within free speech organizations. Free speech advocates often assert that injunctions in defamation suits against online publishers pose a serious risk to rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. However, many free speech advocates offer what they see as a remedy that might satisfy both sides of the argument, which is allowing for injunctions for statements determined to be false.

Unfortunately for bloggers and free speech advocates, the injunction in the Shuler case could have a chilling effect. As a result, the National Bloggers Club believes the injunction, not the case itself, poses the real threat to bloggers. Simply put, there is not a enough benefit to a plaintiff before the final determination truth or falsity to outweigh the impact an injunction has on the freedom of speech. There is an adequate remedy available when and if Shuler’s speech is declared defamatory. A more specific injunction can be placed on Legal Schnauzer and its authors at that time.

The National Bloggers Club condemns Roger Shuler and his rumormonger cyberbullying parading around under the guise of blogging. However, it strongly urges the court to lift the preliminary injunction.

It also prays Mr. Riley, Ms. Garrison, Ms. Duke, Mr. Akbar, and the other targets of Shuler get the legal relief they deserve.

Wayne Dupree

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