LGBT Bridegroom Director Contacts Conservative Activist Who called for Redbox Boycott of Film due to Double-Standard

Last night I got a bombardment of twitter messages about not being tolerant of the LGBT movie Bridegroom which spoke on love between two males. I was called all types of names and demonized for taking this stance. Let me tell you quickly why I took the stance. These human beings that want to push this movie and distribute it are backed by GLAAD . GLAAD is the same organization that tried to take down a show that included Christians and their family lifestyle.

There was no talking, no sitting at the table to discuss anything. They wanted action and they got it. A massive movement by the American people reached from sea to shining sea and woke up A&E whether it was for money purposes or not. I took my stance and asked you the American patriot to stay away from renting or purchasing this film as a way to show the film director and GLAAD both, being intolerant is an ugly thing. But as for allowing GLAAD to pick and choose and force Americans to abide by their ideas of how things should be, we can fight back also.

I received this letter this morning from the director of the movie Bridegroom. If you read further down, you will see that the director instructed those that do not want to watch the movie, not to watch. That would have been great if they would have done the same to Phil Robertson and family regarding the GQ magazine article.

Most Americans are tolerant until you FORCE them to do something or believe in what you believe in. Americans will fight against that until their death. Don’t you find it strange the LGBT community wants you to tolerant of their sexual acts but intolerant of your stance to disagree with it?

Here is the letter I received:

It has been brought to our attention that people have been petitioning against Redbox’s distribution of Bridegroom. Angry consumers have sent numerous emails and letters conveying disappointment in the company for carrying the film. Even some radio hosts and church groups have encouraged others to boycott the popular Redbox video rental kiosks completely, simply because they are against a love story about two men.

Redbox believes Bridegroom is a story that needs to be told and we are tremendously thankful for its support, despite the company’s recent decision to phase out documentaries. Through Redbox’s generosity, people all over the country, even in remote rural areas, are watching Bridegroom. Teenagers and adults alike have written to me, and to Redbox, saying that they’re grateful to have been able to see the film, even in their small towns–towns not unlike the one in which I grew up.

In addition to carrying Bridegroom, Redbox is doing something it’s never done before. Five percent of its proceeds will be donated to these invaluable human rights groups: Freedom to Marry, PFLAG, GLAAD, and GLSEN. Apparently this charitable act also has people up in arms, because they feel as if Bridegroom attempts to force people to change their views and beliefs while spreading a sinful, intolerable message.

While I believe these individuals are entitled to their opinions and beliefs, I find this whole ordeal absurd and disheartening. First of all, no one is being forced to rent or watch our documentary. The only thing we’ve ever asked is for people to give it a chance. Bridegroom was not made to create social discord or public controversy. It was a film made out of love and hope.

I made my YouTube video, “It Could Happen To You,” with the hope of reaching at least one person. I believed that if I could empathize with just one teenager, or save one LGBT couple from similar discrimination, that it would be of some value. I’ve received dozens of messages since Bridegroom was made available at Redbox, including from one 18 year old in Indiana who said that he was close to giving up before watching the documentary. He said it literally saved his life.

Please, I ask all of you to show the dissenters that it’s important for Bridegroom’s story to be told. This story is uniquely mine, but it sadly parallels tragedies that hundreds of thousands of other couples, gay and straight, have endured. Our stories deserve to be told without unwarranted repercussions and we cannot let narrow-mindedness or ignorance silence us. Support Redbox’s decision to carry Bridegroom by visiting your nearest kiosk and renting the documentary, as well as one of the other 200 available titles.

No person, or company, should be ostracized for supporting equality and love. You do not have to rent Bridegroom, or like Bridegroom, but you should not try to prevent others from watching and learning from it. These people who are attempting to stop the distribution of Bridegroom are doing much more harm than they know. By silencing our voices, they potentially stop others from finding hope. We all deserve hope.

Thank you Redbox for supporting Bridegroom. I am forever grateful to you for carrying the film and for donating to worthy causes, in spite of the opposition.

Shane Bitney Crone

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Wayne Dupree

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