Lewandowski Resigns From Firm He Create

Corey Lewandowski is leaving the company he helped create after learning some of the members were using his name for unfair practices.

Lewandowski is better known for being part of President Trump’s campaign team that ripped through the GOP primaries before he left to join CNN as a political commentator.

Lewandowski had received reports that projects were being taken by his company he had never sanctioned. His partner, Barry Bennett, had signed on as a lobby of Citgo, something Lewandowski claims to never having knowledge of.

Bennett, who registered as a lobbyist, seems to be happy Lewandowski left.

Source: WTOP News

Corey Lewandowski says he was troubled by recent reports about firm-related projects that he says he had not sanctioned. Other people tied to his Avenue Strategies firm started a firm of their own and had pitched Eastern European clients with promises of access to Trump and high-ranking White House officials. Politico reported on that recently and also reported that Lewandowski’s now-former partner, Barry Bennett, had inked a deal without him to lobby on behalf of Citgo.

“The revelation that people I had never met are trading on my name is problematic for me,” Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski, who liked to show off the views of the White House from his Washington office window, resigned Thursday, a move first reported by Bloomberg News.

Bennett said he has already shuttered the newer firm, Washington East West Political Strategies, which he said friends of his had launched without his final approval. He added that Avenue Strategies is continuing its work and that without Lewandowski “hopefully we will stop being in the news so much.

“He too big of a target to be involved in a lobbying firm,” Bennett said. “Everyone is always going to accuse him of cheating.

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While Lewandowski had not registered as a lobbyist, Bennett has.

Lewandowski says he is unsure what he will do next. “When one door closes, another usually opens,” he said.

Seems like Bennett did some crazy stuff behind Lewandowski’s back and the entire company got away from Corey, that he had to step away. I was wondering why he didn’t fire everyone but my common sense kicked in and I figured Bennett was probably the larger shareholder.

Hopefully, Lewandowski will find something. He’s a Trump team member so it will happen probably sooner rather than later.

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