Levin: McConnell, Ryan Need To Resign After Congress Sex Harassment Claims Cover-Up Exposed!

Turn about is fair play right? Destroy the Judge’s reputation and say you won’t “seat him.” How about applying the same rules to yourselves with same proof?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Levin called for McConnell and Ryan to step down after Rep Jackie Speier announced yesterday that sexual harassment had been covered up in Congress. She also claims that Congress has paid out over $15 million over the last ten years to settle cases. (Related – Rep Speier: $15 Million Paid To Settle House Sexual Harassment Claims Over 10 Years!!)

Congress has mirrored Hollywood with the ‘open secret’ cover-up of sexual predators, and Levin wants some action taken. McConnell and Ryan both have called for Judge Roy Moore to end his political campaign as they won’t seat him if he wins his Alabama race.

Conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity gave Moore 24 hours to clear up inconsistencies or drop out (Related – Hannity Said Roy Moore Has 24 Hours To Explain Inconsistencies Or Drop Out) so Levin is calling on these two leaders to step down because they have known about this cover-up and they are part of the problem.

Source: Conservative Review

“I’m calling on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to resign,” Levin said. “Not to be provocative or controversial. But if this sexual harassment has been going on – and I’m quite serious about this – in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, and they are the leaders … they know who’s who.”

Levin also called on the media to investigate Congress and out these predators: “Apparently, there are members of Congress who are predators. Predators! And yet there is a code of silence like the mob!”

It’s time for victims to speak out and time for predators to be kicked out of Congress.

You can definitely call this the pot calling the kettle black! Shouldn’t point your finger unless your slate is clean, that includes knowledge of other congressional members sexual harassment and turning a blind eye.

They are not leaders, they are thieves who thrive on power, they forget who they work for, they are selling us out and our country.

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