LiAngelo Ball Just Found Out Overseas Teams Not Interested; Because Of LeVar!

LiAngelo Ball and his brother LeMelo are going to have a hard time shaking their dad’s shadow as they try to get work in the future.

LeVar Ball is still mouthing off and causing grief for his sons while hurting their potential to make money doing the one thing they love to do, and that’s play basketball.

Ball took his son, LiAngelo, out of UCLA just a few days ago because the University disciplined him for shoplifting while the team was in China. It could have been an international incident but President Trump worked it through the channels and got all the players involved released.

Ball turned up his nose at the President’s help which didn’t give him any good publicity for a few days. I don’t think Ball knows how to be a good father. He’s hurting those boys to where nobody will want them even if they are talented.

Ball pulled his son out of UCLA and his youngest song LeMelo out of regular school and was going to homeschool him. There were rumors he was going to send them overseas to play, but he just got some bad news.

Even though both remaining sons have name recognition, LeVar’s presence isn’t warranted.

Source: Complex

Most teams overseas have already tipped off their respective seasons, so simply adding the Ball brothers to the mix isn’t exactly feasible. Some teams are also probably going to be wary about signing the Ball brothers to a deal, knowing the headache they will have to deal with once LaVar gets involved.

One team that most definitely won’t be signing LiAngelo or LaMelo to a deal is the Lithuanian team Lietkabelis Panevezys. Earlier this week, a report circulated about how the team might be interested in signing both Ball brothers as a package deal. That is, until the team’s head coach Arturs Stalberg trolled the hell out of the Balls by shooting down the report in just about the most sarcastic way possible. Stalberg took to Twitter to say that the team is interested in signing the Balls—just not to play basketball.

When LaVar pulled LaMelo out of school, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal because he’d still be eligible to play AAU basketball and refine his skills moving forward. But the LiAngelo thing is a whole other beast, and it feels like he might end up sabotaging his career by not playing college basketball.

Credit: Today

Here’s the situation. If international teams do not come calling, and LiAngelo is not picked up for a period, you’re talking about a young man with a lot of potential being left on the sideline of life with the “what I should have been,” mentality.

Who knows? Someone will want their team to gain some publicity and use these kids as a meal ticket to make it happen. They will not be the Hall of Fame NBA players they might have wanted to be, but I believe Dad is hindering them one day, they will let him know.

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