Leftwing media outrage at #RTM2014 over Obama doll tossed in the toilette

A Huffington Post reporter reportedly stumbled upon an Obama-head in a men’s room urinal near the Road to Majority’s main conference room at the Omni Hotel. The little doll-like head is supposed to be a caricature of the president and is actually a stress ball. They are being given out for free by the Weekly Standard.

The reporter, Igor Bobic, tweeted out this photo and liberals are oh so outraged over the ‘disrespect’ for the president.



In typical fashion, the collective gut reaction of the left is to be outraged because of course, the immediate assumption is that one of the Christian conference attendees is to blame. It’s worth mentioning that so far as we know, no one has come forward to say they witnessed anyone actually doing this. But the facts, or lack thereof, are of no consequence to our friends on the left.

This is now a hot topic on the left wing news sites, including MSNBC, Talking Points Memo and Gawker, to name a few.

Obama head News story
Screenshot via Twitter

While I definitely don’t condone childish, immature gestures (if that’s even what this is), I’m not convinced that it was an attendee. It’s not their m.o. to leave trash laying around or to attempt to destroy private property. But, regardless of who did it, the level of hypocritical outrage from the left is astounding. I doubt I need to elaborate for this audience.

Leave it to the left to be offended over a doll in the toilette. They chase distractions and convenient narratives like it’s their job or something. Oh wait..

Wayne Dupree

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