Lecturer Under Fire For Showing Students How To Put Condom On With Her Mouth

Why has civilization gone down this path to destruction? Why?

Most of us, if not all of us have had sex orientation class in school, usually in gym class. There was often a film and you were tested on things you learned later. We never had a teacher use props and then use students to perform the act on.

In the video stunt below, this lecturer decided to show the students how to place a condom over a penis with her mouth in front of her entire class. In my opinion, this teacher wanted to shock her students showing off her fetish to the young boys. This was way over the top, and the outrage that she is getting now is justified.

The story goes on that this was a university, not a high school. Should there be different standards?

Source: Mirror

A lecturer has been accused of going way over the top while teaching students about safe sex – after demonstrating how to put a condom on with her mouth.

Footage of the woman getting on her knees and putting the condom on a plastic penis held by a shell-shocked male pupil has provoked outrage after it emerged in Brazil.

His classmates rolled around with laughter as the X-rated practical demonstration was carried out.

It is believed to have been filmed at a university in Bahia, in the north east of the South American country, but this has not been confirmed.

No-one in the classroom looked particularly shocked as the brunette showed her seeming expertise with the questionable demonstration.

A critic of this classroom incident said the following:

“Only in Brazil could things like this happen. For me this is a tremendous lack of respect towards education and society. Schools and universities should be a place where subjects like maths and Portuguese are taught, not this s***.”

This is not why we send our kids to school, and I am not an old man when I stress that fact.

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What does she think that adults don’t know about STDs?  That they can’t use the internet to find this method out for themselves?  Hello, I think this woman needs to be educated not the students!

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