LaVar Ball To Create Junior Basketball League To Compete With Colleges; Will Pay Talent 10K A Month

Many colleges have gotten rich off the talent they put on the football field every Saturday or through college basketball games with huge TV contracts, now the bad news really starts.

LeVar Ball, the outspoken villain who dismissed President Trump’s effort to bring home three UCLA college basketball players being held in China for shoplifting, has decided to create a new basketball league to pay college-aged kids monthly salaries to the tune of $10,000.

This league creation would be major. College basketball could hurt if this happens. I would like to see this happen or get the NBA to contribute. Kids should not be forced to go to college for one year because the NCAA wants to make money from March Madness. It’s not like they even go to class or learn anything when they go for a year

Many people have heralded LaVar’s decision to create a league that will pay players as a great way to dismantle the NCAA’s system of making millions off the bodies of predominately Black athletes without paying them for their work. Others have criticized the outspoken father as a terrible businessman who has taken on more than he can chew. LaVar had something to say about all the hoopla centered around the announcement.

And ESPN will buy into it to exploit the kids and make a few bucks. Ball is pissed his kid got into trouble and was benched. Now he wants to start a league so his kid can play without going to Europe. Please stop promoting him.

“I’m doing something that should have been done a long time ago. I’m giving these guys what they’re worth. Like I said, the JBA is a heck of a league, and it’s going to be one of the most exciting ever.” To his haters, he let them know to continue on doing what they’ve been doing, “nothing.”

On the other hand, a lot of people will just scoff at this because it’s LaVar Ball, but honestly, it’s not a bad idea. It has always been a controversial rule to make players go to college, and this offers an alternative. A lot of the scandals about illegal benefits and fake classes in college basketball could also maybe be avoided, or at least alleviated if players utterly uninterested in an education had an alternative.

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The NBA just needs to change the rule again. Props to Lavar for thinking outside the box but the question is what happens when they don’t make it pro? That amount of money on a monthly basis is great but after a year or so what’s next?

Ball’s youngest son LaMelo is rumored to be apart of the league.

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