Lauren Holly: My Friends Told Me To Keep My Mouth Shut About Harvey Weinstein

Another Hollywood actress has come forth with her story about Harvey Weinstein, and the describes the incident in detail.

I was just talking about this on my show tonight. If the media has their way, this story will go away in the next couple of weeks which is why it’s on you to continue to share stories like this and wake up the masses to what is going on in Hollywood as these women and possibly more are raking Weinstein over the coals. [Suggested Article – Beckinsale Claims Career Hurt After Turning Down Weinstein Sexual Advances]

I continue to speak out on this because it’s bigger than Weinstein and I know I am not alone in believing that. Weinstein is not even the tip of the iceberg, but he is a monster that should have been stopped long ago.

Source: TMZ

Lauren Holly says Harvey Weinstein was all business during a meeting in his hotel room … right up until the moment he ripped off his suit and went to the bathroom in front of her.

The actress, who now lives in Canada, went on daytime talk show “The Social” Monday to speak for the first time about an encounter she says went down in the late ’90s. Holly says she wasn’t worried about going to Weinstein’s hotel room for the meeting — she says that was common, and he was fully dressed when she arrived.

Lauren says they spoke at length about possible roles, and right in the middle of the conversation he stripped and used the bathroom in front of her. Despite being nude in front of her, she says he never stopped talking business … even when he jumped in the shower.

However, she says it turned ominous and terrifying when he got out of the shower. Just as scary as the reaction she says she got when she told friends what had happened.

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