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Laura Ingraham Goes In On Mainstream Media Covering Up Susan Rice Story!

Laura Ingraham calls this a low point for the American media when they won’t report Susan Rice unmasking private citizens.

“This is what the police state does to their opponents,” is how Ingraham summed up her remarks about how the media is not

“This is the Washington Compost,” she said, holding up a copy of The Washington Post’s newspaper – presumably from today. We’ve got the Trump donor met Putin ally,” she said, referring to the paper’s top headline. “Democrats are ready to filibuster Gorsuch,” she continued, reading through the front page.


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Laura continued on with her disgust over the lack of coverage below:

“Guys, this is such a low point for the American media. They have been pounding the Russia story for weeks, even though top officials have said they have no evidence. But now we have a close confidant of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The same woman who went on four Sunday shows and lied about the attack on Benghazi. She was that trusted and that relied upon. This very same person just decides one day, ‘I want to unmask all these identities of people from these particular phone numbers.’”

Watch this below:


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