Late Night Comedian Defends Franken; At Least Apology Seems Sincere

Late night talk show host Trevor Noah seemed to want to make jokes about Sen. Al Franken’s situation before he gave him a pass as you will see in the video below.

Noah concluded that Franken’s apology seemed sincere. Are you kidding me? I would expect no less from a person with no morals, no ethics, and one that condones sexual assault. He disgraces every real man in the country. He needs to take his “five best friends” back to his “safe space” and play with himself.

Why is it “okay” when a sleazy left apologizes for their actions, but, if it were a Republican, no apology under the sun would be washed over. If ANY of these men were indeed sorry and wanted to repent, they would have done it immediately after they abused a woman.

Again we see double standards. The liberal who has proof of his sexual inappropriateness is ok because he said sorry. Any conservative would be shunned and crucified by the media, with no proof.

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Al Franken, #youtoo? And that face doesn’t help. Like he clearly thinks it’s funny in that moment. She’s not in the joke. She’s asleep. And to be honest, like even if there wasn’t a woman in that picture, that pose is its own crime. Like if I saw Franken doing that in the supermarket I would be like hey, leave that fruit alone. If I saw him in Italy, I would be like get away from that to you we are, you creep, you okay, pisa, all right, man. So Al, what do you have to say for yourself … You know what, at least he apologized and that apology seems sincere. I just didn’t like the accompanying photo. I’m not going to lie.

I hear the call for a discussion, but must ask if this will include the bad behaviors of women, and the encouragement many of them give to the alleged abusers, Without it, we are encouraging more false allegations for profit. Maybe that is why the Michael Douglas and Demi Moore film was made; similar films are depicting similar behavior.

This is nothing more than an attempt to lower the standards and normalize sexual harming of others. We’re watching Hollywood do it, and now our government has been caught covering up the same thing for decades with their shush fund. (Related: Rep Speier: $15 Million Paid To Settle House Sexual Harassment Claims Over 10 Years!!)

There need to be consequences, or there will soon be ‘no evil acts’ when it comes to sexual behavior.

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