Larry Sabato’s 2014 Predictions: GOP to Gain Seats in House/Senate; Obama “is Going to get Lamer”

Given what we know about midterms — the president’s party often does poorly — and Obama’s poor approval ratings, a Democratic takeover of the House is still highly, highly unlikely. But some valuable pieces of a future Democratic House majority are now within grasp for Democrats. It’ll be interesting to see how many of these puzzle pieces the Democrats can grab and stow away for future elections. On the other side, Republicans also have an opportunity to replace some older incumbents with new blood in a year where the political winds might be blowing in their direction.

Larry Sabato was busy yesterday. Here he is on Fox News giving his political predictions for 2014.

Among the things he said:

– There will be a number of House retirements in the first few months of the year.

– Republicans will pick up a minimum of 3-4 U.S. Senate seats – and could get the six needed to retake control of the Senate.

– President Barack Obama – already a lame duck – “He’s going to get lamer” during 2014! Sabato believes the GOP will gain House and Senate seats, making it tougher for Obama to do what he wants to do.


Wayne Dupree

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