After Article Reveals Negativity, Butt Pads; Lahren Wants Beck Held In Contempt!

Someone leaked some specific information about Tomi Lahren and the alleged “diva” attitude displayed at TheBlaze and she’s pissed off.

Lahren wants the court to hold founder Glenn Beck and TheBlaze in contempt for revealing the information about her and her daily routine that seemingly made enemies with her co-workers. Based on the exclusive story from the Daily Caller, Lahren didn’t get along with some of the TV personalities at the network.

Personal stories of heated butt pads and staff mistreatment also surfaced and Lahren wants the court to put a stop to it.

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This is very ironic because Lahren went on ABC Nightlight to trash Beck a couple of weeks ago. Her “I’m a human” interview painted Beck as an employer who fired her and was trying to publicly humiliate her. To be honest, before Tomi did that interview, you rarely heard anything from TheBlaze about Tomi except for defending themselves that she was still under contract, still getting paid and still employed.

Source: Law Newz

The legal drama between Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck continues to play out, both in court and the media, with Lahren seeking to hold Beck and his online network TheBlaze in contempt of court after an article appeared in The Daily Caller that included information from TheBlaze‘s employees that paints Lahren in a negative light. The article was published just days after a judge instructed both sides in the case to refrain from criticizing each other in public.

The article, titled “EXCLUSIVE: The Inside Story Of How Tomi Lahren Flamed Out At The Blaze,” discussed how Lahren clashed with her fellow hosts, used butt pads and upset both staff and advertisers. In response, Lahren’s attorney said, “This Court should immediately get to the bottom of what appears to be a very transparent attempt at a public smear campaign by Defendants,” according to a filing obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

A spokesperson for Beck and the TheBlaze said, “We do not know who is commenting to the press but we are asking them to please stop and respect the court, the process and ultimately, common decency.”

I have to admit when I read that breakdown of Lahren on the Daily Caller, I wasn’t shocked and neither was a lot of readers. But once again, Tomi’s support audience will never believe anything in a bad light against the young lady who’s trying to break away from Beck for a larger payday.

Will anyone pay her the big dollars she’s seeking after this? Can you actually be non-bias in this public argument or have you taken sides?

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