LAFAGE: Cruz new Hillary ad is a homerun! ‘Damn It Feels Good to be a Clinton’

Ut Oh! The Clintonians are going to be upset over this one! The Clinton-loving media has done their best to paint [score]Ted Cruz [/score]as an out of touch conservative who can’t relate to young people and doesn’t understand pop culture. But after watching part of this ad on the Morning Joe, their cheap narrative should be outright dispelled.

As a millennial (I hate that term), I’ve got to admit that Cruz’s campaign did an A+ job creating a spoof of Office Space as a way to show Hillary for exactly what she is: a nasty, vindictive politician with a God complex who thinks she is above the law.

With “damn it feels good to be a Clinton,” playing in the background, two businessmen and a woman wearing a pantsuit (Hillary) kick a computer and take a bat to it. Side note: the Hillary actress is spot on with the scowl on her face!


It’s safe to say that if the FBI hadn’t confiscated the server for their criminal investigation, Hillary and her handlers would probably be doing exactly what was depicted in the ad.

The panel on Morning Joe, who apparently can’t stand Ted Cruz or anyone who dares to poke fun at Hillary, had to be shocked that he would dare to go after their beloved lady in this way. The question now is whether South Carolina voters will love or hate the ad.

This ad was released a day after the Cruz campaign pulled down a different ad attacking Marco Rubio upon discovering one of the female actors had been in porn films. I’m waiting for one of the campaigns to do a “Weekend at Bernies” spoof.

Watch the video segment here:

Wayne Dupree

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