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Resisting Arrest Is Not Always The Answer As You’ll See Here!

She’s clearly resisting arrest and saw that as her opportunity to get some type of media exposure.

This video, my friends, is a teachable moment. Growing up, I was once told to put my hands up by a cop. I didn’t do anything wrong, but guess what? I put my hands up.

Turns out they were after my coworker who, unbeknownst to me, had been dealing drugs. They checked my ID, asked me some questions, took my phone number, and let me go on my way. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done nothing wrong; put your damned hands up.


If you fail to comply with an officer’s orders. This is what happens. Whether you agree or not it could cost you your life. Be smart and do the right thing.

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What really made things worse was the camera guy and the voices in the background. Instead of telling the young lady to listen to the officer so that things won’t escalate, they kept egging her on like she was right and the law officers were wrong.

Anyone who resists an officer’s commands deserves what harm comes their way. No excuses.

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